School Marketing Agency

A Texas-based digital programmatic advertising agency for private schools was looking to set up a scalable and trackable Google Ads campaign in the U.S., targeting private and independent schools looking for enrollment and digital marketing services.

Campaign type: Google Ads - Search Campaign

Region: U.S.A

Objective: Set up scalable and trackable Google Search ads targeting private and independent schools looking to enroll students

Issue: Their current Ad setup was not efficient and got clicks from irrelevant users, and they needed Google Analytics conversion tracking to fairly ascertain and attribute marketing success


GA - Conversion Tracking

Various conversions/goals were set up in Google Analytics to track user behavior and conversions from different traffic sources.

Quality Traffic Acquisition

Google CPC ads contributed to over 19% of traffic that had the highest absolute Goal completions (118), and the second highest Goal conversion rate (14.82%). (Data for the first four months of campaign launch)


Gong Effect worked on the following areas for the campaign:

  1. Studied the client's audience, competitors, and offering

  2. Identified keywords and negative keywords for the target market and region--USA

  3. Identified landing pages, and made landing page optimization suggestions

  4. Set up an efficient, scalable, and trackable campaign structure--Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Conversions

  5. Set up Google Analytics goal / conversion tracking to enable the client to evaluate all the marketing channels

  6. Optimized campaigns over time to eliminate irrelevant clicks and improve traffic quality

*Client's traffic is under renovation to optimize the conversion rate for the traffic landing on the website. We provided suggestions to optimize landing pages for SEO and Ads.


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